Monday, July 25, 2011

Fractions, Fractions...

I am fascinated with the idea of fractions. I do feel that learning fractions is important and it does relate to everyday life. People including myself are always comparing things to fractions. I hear the term often, "I spend a fraction of my time at the gym", "I ate a fraction of the pizza." I feel that they are easy to understand.

I am not a math wiz, but I feel that it is simple to understand fractions and I am so excited to teach fractions to my students one day. I feel that manipulatives and visuals are the best way to teach fractions.

If you are trying to teach fractions I feel that using an apple and cutting it in half and then fourths really helps students visualize the idea that fractions are simply parts of a whole. There are so many creative ways that you could teach fractions. Fractions are used daily and this is a skill that students should really appreciate for the entirety of their lifetime. Here is a link to a cool video on fractions:) Enjoy!


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